Hales Corners, WI — Today, EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed LuAnn Bird in the race for Wisconsin’s 84th Assembly District.

“The EMILY’s List community is proud to stand behind LuAnn Bird in her race for Assembly in Wisconsin’s 84th District. Throughout her life, LuAnn has been a champion for underrepresented groups in Wisconsin. As the Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, LuAnn fought for equal representation and against the expansion of concealed carry in Wisconsin. As a parent and school board member, LuAnn pushed for, and succeeded at, requiring adequate access for disabled people in public schools. If elected, LuAnn would be the 84th District’s first Democratic representative in over a decade and EMILY’s list is excited to support her in this incredibly influential race.”

Thirty-two years ago, LuAnn was a stay at home mother of two young children. When her husband was paralyzed and was unable to access their child’s school, she got on the school board and passed referendums to fund accessibility updates to public schools. When she was Executive Director of the League of Women Voters in Wisconsin she went toe-to-toe with the NRA – and won. When her neighborhood needed a sewer system, she joined the local sewer board and expanded environmental infrastructure in her community. LuAnn knows that while the road ahead may be tough, the civility she will bring to the political process will lead to legitimate, tangible, positive change in her community and for the people of Wisconsin.

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