Steve McCarthy, recently retired after nine years as President and CEO of Curative Connections, has accepted the mantle of leadership as Executive Director at Envision Greater Green Bay, a unique local nonprofit with 31 years of community service. McCarthy will be the nonprofit’s first paid executive, with duties related to fund raising, partnership development, and strategic planning. He will devote about 30 hours per week to leading the organization, which is committed to helping area leaders learn how to shape the future of their organization and the community.

“For three decades our board has done a terrific job providing leadership and implementing our vision,” said David Wegge, Ph.D., whose two-year term as president is coming to an end. “But now we have a well-established training program in Strategic Foresight, and we’re on the cusp of making a real difference in the Greater Green Bay area. We need a strong executive providing the leadership and direction now so we can fulfill the next stage of our vision.”

Originally formed in 1990 as the Bay Area Community Council through the combined efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Brown County, Envision has always been dedicated to promoting the general prosperity and quality of life in our area. Since 2018, the board has focused on guiding the Green Bay area toward a thriving future by identifying trends, events and choices, and then systematically driving decisions toward a preferred destiny.

“Steve’s influence will be critical to our success with our next initiatives to refine our approach and broaden the use of Foresight thinking by our community leaders,” added Board President-Elect Phil Hauck.

McCarthy assumed his leadership role on January 1, 2022. “I am honored to be selected as Envision Greater Green Bay’s inaugural executive director,” he said. “I look forward to supporting and leading the organization’s efforts to help Green Bay flourish.”

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