MILWAUKEE, Wis. – While the border is in disarray, crime is out of control, and fentanyl use is surging throughout the country, Kamala Harris is in Milwaukee meeting with Josh Kaul and his radical Democrat colleagues from across the country. 

Law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, Eric Toney, released the following statement:

“Josh Kaul should use his time with the Vice President to demand an immediate change to our immigration and border policies. Our nation’s “Border Czar” – Kamala Harris – has failed at securing our southern border and unfortunately, Josh Kaul doesn’t have the guts to stand up to his own party and demand policy changes that will make our communities safer. Kaul and Harris are both dangerous when it comes to issues of public safety, and they represent the kind of soft-on-crime woke criminal justice policies that contributed to riots and looting in Kenosha, Madison, and Milwaukee.” 

Toney added:

“Kaul was too ashamed to stand with Joe Biden during Biden’s Labor Day visit to Wisconsin. Will Kaul stand shoulder to shoulder with someone who raised money to a bail fund that helped release a murderer? Kaul can’t hide from the voters the fact he’s mismanaged the state’s crime labs, defunded the police at the DOJ, presided over record homicides in Milwaukee, and called for eliminating cash bail. Kaul and Harris are the poster children for the soft-on-crime policies that are making Wisconsin less safe.”

The Facts:

This morning’s full press conference can be viewed here.

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