MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers’ campaign launched three new ads highlighting Tim Michels’ radical agenda and his dishonest attempts to lie in order to scare voters and divide our state. Michels’ company has been sued multiple times over claims of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. In response to reporting about these allegations, Michels called for his supporters to take up “pitchforks and torches” against journalists.

Instead of offering concrete plans around issues like public safety, Michels has been spreading lies about the governor’s role in the parole process in an attempt to scare voters.

Tim Michels is radical and wrong for our state — and Wisconsinites know he can’t be trusted. While Republicans are trying to divide us with their radical politics, Gov. Evers will always do the right thing for our state.

See below for the ads and transcripts.

Watch the ad here and view the transcript below.

Tony for Wisconsin: “From the Top”

At a company the culture comes from the top.
Under Tim Michels, court filings say women at his company were harassed and assaulted.
They repeatedly faced unwanted sexual comments. A male superior groped the crotch and inner thigh of a female employee.
Women said they were pressured to have sex with their bosses.
If she refused demands for sex, she would be blackballed from working on a pipeline job.
Those who spoke out at Michels Corp. were fired.
That’s how radical Tim Michels runs his company, don’t let him run our state.

Watch the ad here and view the transcript below.

Tony for Wisconsin: “Pitchfork”
Did you know Tim Michels encourages violence from his supporters?
People should just be ready to get out in the streets with pitchforks and torches.
He’s extremely divisive.
I don’t care who I offend.
Is that the kind of divisive radical you want as governor?

Watch the ad here and view the transcript below.

Tony for Wisconsin: “Truth”
Tim Michels wants to scare you with lies, here’s the truth.
Independent fact checkers gave Michels parole attacks a pants on fire rating saying they were false and that the governor does not allow any release of criminals.
That’s a fact.
And here’s another fact.
Tony Evers actually increased police funding and he’s working to invest in high crime areas in job training, after school programs, and mental health.
So when you see all these, do this.

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