MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Tim Michels released an ad filled with false claims about Gov. Evers’ response to unrest in Kenosha in 2020. Michels continues to resort to spreading disinformation in an effort to scare voters and divide our state. 

Fact Check: Michels’ ad repeats false claims about Gov. Evers’ response to Kenosha, including that he did not send help “for days.”

Gov. Evers took immediate action to deploy law enforcement and the Wisconsin National Guard and fulfilled every local request to support Kenosha during the unrest.

Gov. Evers has always prioritized public safety and made clear that he does not believe violence is ever the answer.

Gov. Evers has been doing the right thing to invest in public safety and support our law enforcement, despite Republican attempts to block his efforts and peddle radical gun agendas that endanger our communities and Wisconsin police. 

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