MADISON, Wis. —  Tim Michels is refusing to answer questions about how he would avoid a conflict of interest as governor, given the governor signs off on road contracts. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “With less than a month to go before the midterm elections, the Michels campaign and company have not answered questions from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about how Michels would handle state road contracts.”

Michels told WTMJ earlier this year that he ‘certainly hope[s]’ his family’s company continues to bid for billion-dollar state road contracts if he’s governor. 

Evers’ Campaign Spokesperson Kayla Anderson released the following statement:

“Tim Michels is a walking, talking conflict of interest who is running for governor to push his radical agenda on our state and to further enrich his family’s company. Tim Michels already said he wants Michels Corp. to continue receiving major contracts from the state if he’s governor. He won’t answer these important questions, because he has no plan to avoid these conflicts and won’t if he becomes governor. As a lifelong educator, Tony Evers wants to do the right thing for Wisconsin, not his own pocketbook.”

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