MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers celebrated Pride Month and raised the Progress Pride flag at the State Capitol. During his first term, Gov. Evers has championed LGBTQ rights while working to build a safe and equitable future for all — and he believes that every Wisconsinite deserves to stand boldly in their truth, without fear of persecution, judgement, or discrimination.

On his first day in office, Gov. Evers signed an executive order prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ people within state government, and in 2021, Gov. Evers signed an executive order banning the use of state and federal funds for conversion therapy.

“My message today is also to elected officials here in Wisconsin and across our country: our actions matter. Our words matter. Doing what’s right matters,” said Gov. Evers. “LGBTQ kids deserve our love and respect and support just like any other kid. And that’s why I will always stand with them. It’s why I will always fight to protect them. As long as I am governor, we will continue the fight to protect, support, and celebrate LGBTQ kids and the entire LGBTQ community.”

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