MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s economy is booming with the lowest unemployment rate in state history and one of the highest labor force participation rates in the nation, but at a time when families are feeling the impacts of rising costs, Governor Tony Evers’ surplus plan will deliver tax cuts for families, increase child care opportunities so folks can fill jobs, expand caregiving, and improve education quality — all while keeping property taxes down.

Since taking office, Gov. Evers has cut income taxes by 15% for middle-class families and signed half a billion dollars in tax cuts for small businesses. Now with a projected record-breaking budget surplus, Gov. Evers’ common sense surplus plan will solve problems and help our economy continue to grow — which is what Wisconsin families need now.

Here’s what Gov. Evers’ surplus plan will deliver for Wisconsin:

  • Families are facing rising costs, that’s why Gov. Evers’ surplus plan will deliver a $150 tax rebate to every Wisconsin tax filer and each of their dependents — meaning a family of four will receive $600 this year and not have to wait for a year or more.

  • Many Wisconsinites face barriers to employment, that’s why Gov. Evers’ surplus plan will help increase child care opportunities for 100,000 Wisconsinites by expanding the Child and Dependent Care Credit — meaning folks can stress less about child care and fill jobs in Wisconsin’s booming economy.

  • Wisconsin’s 600,000 unpaid family caregivers have long faced challenges, that’s why Gov. Evers’ surplus plan creates a new Caregiver Tax Credit — meaning the state will actually save money by investing in family caregivers. AARP Wisconsin has urged support of Gov. Evers’ surplus plan because it does what’s right for families.

  • Lastly, Gov. Evers has long said that what’s best for our kids is what’s best for our state, that’s why Gov. Evers’ surplus plan invests nearly $750 million in our schools — meaning improved education quality while also keeping property taxes low for parents.

Wisconsin has a projected record-breaking budget surplus  — but that surplus belongs to the people of Wisconsin, not lawmakers. That’s why Gov. Evers’ surplus plan will solve problems by investing in Wisconsin now, not waiting for vague plans that may or may not happen in a year or more.

As Gov. Evers said when he announced his surplus plan, “There sure as hell aren’t excuses for failing to help families afford rising costs.”

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