MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers signed an emergency order prohibiting infant formula price gouging. Gov. Evers’ order will help protect parents against predatory pricing during a shortage of infant formula and other important resources.

Rising costs are a serious concern among many Wisconsin families — that’s why Gov. Evers found common ground with both parties to deliver historic tax relief for Wisconsin families and businesses. This year, 86% of Wisconsinites are seeing a 15% income tax cut or more.

“No kid should ever go hungry, and no parent should have to worry about having access to formula, especially if their infant has special nutritional needs,” said Gov. Evers. “As families continue to feel the squeeze of rising costs and folks face difficulty getting supplies and resources quickly, this order makes it clear that retailers looking to take advantage of vulnerable families during this formula shortage will not be tolerated.”

See below for coverage of Gov. Evers’ order to prohibit infant formula price gouging.

Channel 3000: Evers signs emergency order banning baby formula price gouging

  • “Governor Tony Evers signed an emergency order Thursday banning baby formula price gouging. The move comes amid a nationwide shortage of formula caused by recalls and supply chain issues.” 

TMJ4: Governor Evers issues emergency order prohibiting price gouging on baby formula

  • “Due to supply chain issues and recalls, it has been difficult, and nearly impossible for some, to get much-needed baby formula. Stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked, as companies struggle to distribute the much-needed formula. Now, Evers has declared a “period of abnormal economic disruption” which prohibits price gouging of infant formula for 90 days.” 

WMTV: Wisconsin bans baby formula price gouging

  • “As the baby formula shortage continues to leave store shelves empty across Wisconsin, a new executive order aims to prevent people from cashing in and taking advantage of worried parents.”

WKOW: New Evers’ order prohibits price gouging for infant formula

  • “Governor Tony Evers declared a period of abnormal economic disruption in Wisconsin Thursday to protect parents and caregivers of infants from price gouging during the nationwide shortage of baby formula.”

Wisconsin State Journal: Tony Evers prohibits baby formula price gouging statewide under 90-day order

  • “Vendors cannot sell baby formula at ‘unreasonably excessive prices’ for the next 90 days under an executive order Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signed Thursday to address shortages affecting Wisconsinites and people across the nation.”

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