MADISON, Wis — In case you missed it, Governor Tony Evers was in Milwaukee on Monday, celebrating the opening of Komatsu’s new south harbor campus. This $285 million project was supported partly by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) with the hope of providing more than 1,000 jobs.

“With more than 135 years of history in Milwaukee, Komatsu is demonstrating exactly how important it is for global companies to continue to invest in Wisconsin and exactly why they should,” said Gov. Evers. “With well-connected infrastructure, hardworking people, strategic state investments in education and job training, and the quality of life we offer here—Wisconsin is full of potential.”

This campus brings manufacturing and research centers, which will produce major components for mining shovels and drills. Gov. Evers and the WEDC have funded multiple projects that bring job training and opportunities to areas across the state and Gov. Evers has invested $130 million in skills training and workforce development programs that would boost Wisconsin’s workforce and make the state more prosperous.

See below for coverage of Gov. Evers celebrating the opening of Komatsu’s campus in Milwaukee.


TMJ4: Grand opening of Komatsu’s new Milwaukee campus; goal to support 1,000 jobs

  • Komatsu and state leaders hope the project will support more than 1,000 jobs to what they called a “long-dormant area” of one of Milwaukee’s industrial areas.”


Fox 6: Komatsu opens $285M Milwaukee campus in Harbor District

  • “‘We are fortunate to have Komatsu here in Milwaukee, and it impacts the state,’ said Governor Evers. ‘As I talked about before, the supply chain that this company has in the state of Wisconsin is huge.’”


Urban Milwaukee: Inside Komatsu Mining’s Massive New Harbor District Campus

  • “Meanwhile, on the office side of the operation, a team of engineers and designers are working to create fully-automated new equipment using a state-of-the-art lab. Several hundred workers, split over three floors, are working to support the thousands of pieces of Komatsu Mining equipment already in use across the globe and coordinate the manufacturing of new pieces at several different facilities.”

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