MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers’ re-election campaign is launching its latest television ad highlighting how Gov. Evers has kept his promise of fixing Wisconsin’s infrastructure. During Gov. Evers’ first term, nearly 5,000 miles of road and nearly 1,500 bridges across the state have been fixed — and if you laid out those miles repaired end-to-end, you could drive from Chequamegon Bay to Miami and back.

In 2022, Gov. Evers has authorized over $500 million in local transportation projects including road improvements. He’s invested in affordable broadband access, prioritized clean drinking water, and supported  public transportation systems. As a result, after years of neglect, Wisconsin’s infrastructure is growing because Gov. Evers invested the resources our state deserves.

In his second term, Gov. Evers will continue to prioritize investments in Wisconsin’s infrastructure to give communities and small businesses the tools they need to succeed.

Watch the ad here and view the transcript below. 

Tony for Wisconsin: “Roads”

After years of neglect, Tony Evers repaired nearly five thousand miles of roads across Wisconsin.

In fact, if you took all the roads Tony Evers repaired and laid them end to end, they’d stretch from Chequamegon Bay all the way to Miami, and all the way back.

Folks, politics doesn’t have to be divisive.

I’ll work with anybody, Republicans or Democrats, to get the results that matter.

Tony Evers, he’s fixing our roads and doing the right thing for Wisconsin.

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