Tim Michels said during an interview in 2004 that he would tell a twelve-year-old rape victim who became pregnant that her pregnancy “was created by God.”

Michels: “I think in the end what I would try to tell them is that there’s a life in there, a life that was created by God and if you carry that baby to full term there will be 25 or 35 couples that will be there, ready and willing to adopt that baby and love it and raise it as their own. So that’s where my position is on this and I make no excuses for being pro-life.”

Michels has staked out the most radical position possible on abortion access, even saying it’s “not unreasonable” for the government to force a victim of rape to give birth. He’s also called the 1849 ban which does not include exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother, “an exact mirror” of his position.

Tony for Wisconsin Campaign Manager Cassi Fenili released the following statement:

“Tim Michels’ views on abortion are clear and radical: he opposes exceptions for victims of rape and incest and stated clearly that his radical, no-exception position would even apply to twelve year old rape victims. Michels would not hesitate to enact radical legislation that would put women’s lives at risk. His views are so extreme, he actually believes it’s ‘not unreasonable’ for the government to force women who are victims of rape to give birth. Michels is far too radical for our state and out of step with Wisconsin values.

“The choice in this election could not be more clear: we can go down a path where Tim Michels erodes women’s freedom to make their own choices, or we can re-elect Governor Evers, who will always do the right thing and protect Wisconsinites’ reproductive rights.”

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