MADISON, Wis. — On National Cheese Curd Day, Governor Tony Evers’ campaign released a cheesy new ad highlighting how the governor is doing the right thing for Wisconsin’s dairy industry. One of Gov. Evers’ first jobs was scraping mold off of cheese in his hometown of Plymouth, Wisconsin — and he’s never forgotten how important this industry is to Wisconsin.

Our state is stronger and cheddar thanks to Gov. Evers’ investments in the Farm Support Program — he allocated $100 million to over 20,000 farmers across Wisconsin’s 72 counties. This support is helping farmers pay bills, invest in equipment, and continue feeding and fueling Wisconsin.

In addition, Gov. Evers signed historic legislation to expand dairy exports and has made significant investments to strengthen meat processing across the state. In his second term, he will continue to find innovative ways to connect Wisconsin’s agriculture industry with new markets and strengthen the state’s agriculture supply chain.

Gov. Evers is committed to ensuring that Wisconsin’s family farms and agriculture industry are getting the resources they need. This might sound cheesy, but we think this ad is really grate.

Watch the ad here and view the transcript below.
Tony for Wisconsin: “Cheddar”

One of my first jobs was at a cheese factory scraping mold off of 40 pound blocks of cheddar.

That job built a lot of character.

But I learned that dairy and agriculture are essential to Wisconsin’s economy.

So in the pandemic, I had directed millions to help farmers and cheese makers prevent layoffs and create new jobs. 

Folks, politics can be too divisive, helping creameries, like this is what really matters.

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