Today, Gov. Tony Evers hit the debate stage to talk about the issues that Wisconsinites care about the most. 

Rather than focus on what divides us, Gov. Tony Evers showed Wisconsinites how he’s committed to bringing people together and working to address rising costs, help small businesses, expand high-speed internet, and give our kids the education they need to thrive. There’s a lot at stake this November, and voters saw that Gov. Evers will always do the right thing for our state.

See below for the highlights.

Governor Evers’ Key Moments:

  • Gov. Evers on How Our Economy Is Strong: “Our economy in the state of Wisconsin is strong, we are strong because we are wisconsinites. We have been able to fix the roads, we have been able to provide resources for our public schools, we’ve cut taxes by 15%, and we brought businesses to every corner of the state.” Watch here.
  • Gov. Evers On How Women Should Make Their Own Healthcare Decisions: “The bottom line here is women should have the ability and the right to make decisions about their healthcare, including reproductive healthcare, and that includes abortion. My opponent is radical on this issue. And, frankly, he’s radical because it’s not consistent with Wisconsin values.” 
  • Gov. Evers On His Plan for Public Safety: “I’m going to go back to shared revenue, because in order for those great people that work in the city of Milwaukee to do their work, they need the support financially from the state, whether it’s issues about training or any other things that are going on in the city. […] That said, shared revenue will be increased by this administration. In addition, I am somebody that actually believes that we have some really thoughtful things that we can do around guns and universal background checks or red flag laws.”
  • Gov. Evers on Michels’ “Fishy” Conflicts of Interest: “I’m a guy from Plymouth who is a teacher for God sakes, there’s not too many conflicts of interest. Do we need to change the process so it isn’t a problem? I think it’s going to look kind of fishy…”
  • Gov. Evers Calls Out Michels For Calling Wisconsinites “Lazy”: “I’m still trying to battle the issue of lazy Wisconsinites, when we have so few people that are unemployed in Wisconsin.”

Tim Michels Being A Radical Politician:

  • Michels Called Wisconsinites “Lazy,” twice: “We created an entire class of lazy people during COVID. And it’s time to get them back engaged in our economy, to stop just sending them the unemployment checks, the COVID subsidy checks, which I know are now gone, but they weren’t getting them. And that’s how they got lazy.”
  • Michels Is a Climate Change Denier: “Climate change, you know there is a lot of discussion about that. Has the temperature gone up? Temperature has always fluctuated throughout the history of this world and we can’t just say that it all happened because of man’s actions in the last 100 years.”
  • Michels Fails to Understand Red Flag Laws, Again Insults Victims of Domestic Violence: “A disgruntled ex could say ‘my ex who’s a hunter has some weapons at home and I am afraid of that.’” Watch the first time he took this radical position on red flag laws.
  • Michels Diminishes Sexual Assault at His Company and Compares It to Great Culture: “The first number is that there’s been five sexual allegations over the 62 year history of our company… We have a tremendous culture at Michels.”
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