MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Republican legislators refused to do the right thing and repeal Wisconsin’s 173-year old abortion ban in a special session called by Governor Tony Evers. Nearly 60% of Wisconsin voters support abortion access, and Wisconsinites expect their legislators to take action to protect reproductive healthcare.

Passed in 1849, 12 years before the start of the Civil War, Wisconsin’s abortion ban does not include exceptions for rape or incest — and could become law again if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Wisconsin Republicans’ refusal to act will have damaging effects on our communities and access to inclusive reproductive healthcare.

Gov. Evers believes that reproductive healthcare is a personal decision that shouldn’t be determined by any politician — but this fight doesn’t end here. Gov. Evers will continue to support the right to an abortion and veto any legislation that threatens access to reproductive healthcare.

See more below on Republican legislators refusing to do the right thing to protect abortion access.

TMJ4: “Senate President Chris Kapenga gaveled in and gaveled out in about 14 seconds.  Assembly Republicans gaveled in and out in about 25 seconds.”


CBS58: “Gov. Tony Evers issued a statement after his special session was shut down saying Republicans defyed the nearly 60 percent of Wsconsinites who do believe abortion should be legal here in Wisconsin. That is polling conducted by Marquette University Law School and it’s a percentage that has remained consistent for several months.”



WPR: GOP lawmakers reject governor’s special session to overturn state’s 1849 abortion ban

  • “The state Senate convened and adjourned in the space of 15 seconds, despite objections from Democratic senators in the room. The state Assembly adjourned in similarly quick fashion. Evers called the session two weeks ago in Milwaukee, saying time was running out to protect Wisconsin’s reproductive health services.” 


WKBT: Gov. Evers criticizes Wisconsin Republicans for immediately gaveling out of special session on abortion

  • “Democratic Gov. Tony Evers criticized Republican lawmakers for immediately gaveling out of a special session called to address Wisconsin’s dormant abortion ban.”

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