MADISON, Wis. — Tonight, the GOP gubernatorial candidates for governor participated in a debate where they made clear they are too radical and divisive for Wisconsin.

Tony for Wisconsin Campaign Manager Cassi Fenilli released the following statement:

“It was clear tonight that every Republican running for governor is far too radical for our state. Every person on that stage would divide our state by tearing down our democracy, refusing to uphold basic rights, and taking Wisconsin backwards on reproductive healthcare.

“Wisconsin doesn’t need more political division — we need a leader like Governor Tony Evers who believes in putting aside partisan politics and working together on common sense solutions for our state. Governor Evers has brought Wisconsin values back to the governor’s office, and is doing the right thing for Wisconsinites, including cutting income taxes by 15%, investing in our public schools, fighting to protect abortion access, and supporting our small businesses and family farms.

“The stakes in this race could not be higher: we can either go down a path where radical politicians divide our communities and our rights are no longer guaranteed. Or we can choose to continue doing the right thing for our state.”

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