MADISON, Wis. — Tim Michels is trying to save his flailing campaign with a dishonest attempt to hide his stance on abortion, even after making it clear just two weeks ago that he’s “not gonna soften” his stance on opposing rape and incest exceptions and that he’s going to stick with his position “until the bitter end.” A mere two weeks ago, Michels even argued, “I think at this point, anyhow, I won’t do it, but at this point anyhow, I think it would actually be a negative.” 

Tim Michels previously told WISN that he does not support exceptions for rape or incest, and that his position is an “exact mirror” of Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban. 

Michels’ family foundation also funded a group that tracked women ​​who are seeking abortions using their cell phone location data. During his last failed campaign, Michels even said that it’s “not unreasonable” for the government to force pregnant rape victims to follow through with their pregnancies. Michels has also touted his support for organizations including Pro-Life Wisconsin, which supports an abortion ban with zero exceptions, even for the life of a mother. 

Tony for Wisconsin Spokesperson Kayla Anderson released the following statement:

“Wisconsin voters are smart enough to see through Tim Michels’ dishonest attempt to hide his radical views on abortion, including his clear support for a ban that contains no exception for rape or incest. Tim Michels has told us what he believes time and again, even promising earlier this month that he would not soften his dangerous views on abortion. We know he was telling us the truth over the past two decades as he consistently opposed these exceptions and said it was ‘not unreasonable’ to force a pregnant rape victim to give birth. Last minute lies to save a flailing campaign aren’t going to fool Wisconsinites. 

“Make no mistake: Michels has staked out the most extreme position possible on this issue, and as governor, wouldn’t hesitate to enact radical legislation that would put women’s lives at risk. He’ll say or do anything to win an election, and he can’t be trusted to protect reproductive freedom.”

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