MADISON, Wis. — With nearly a week to go in the election, Donald Trump has issued the ultimate snub to his handpicked candidate Tim Michels by campaigning across the country for his other endorsed candidates in key swing states, with no plans to visit Wisconsin.

Throughout his campaign, Michels has embraced Trump’s radical conspiracies, from the Big Lie to the election decertification. The New York Times even reported that Michels went all-in on Trump’s anti-democracy agenda after aides to Donald Trump reprimanded Michels for comments he made during a July debate.

It’s clear Michels would do anything to keep Trump’s support, yet, Michels and Trump haven’t communicated in months, with Michels telling WTMJ: “The last time I talked to Donald Trump was on primary victory night, on primary election night. So he called me on primary night. Yeah, so that was 11 weeks ago now. Something like that. Yeah. So I don’t talk to him. I don’t call him, I have a lot of respect.”

Trump endorsed Michels during the gubernatorial primary because of their shared radical and divisive positions, and he even campaigned for him in the week leading up to the primary election. 

Michels has done little to moderate his positions since the primary. Just a few weeks ago, Michels still would not agree to accept the results of the 2022 election. Michels has continued to wholeheartedly embrace Trump’s radical agenda to undermine democracy, including refusing to commit to certifying the 2024 presidential election in Wisconsin, as the governor is required to do by law. His positions are so extreme and in alignment with Trump that the Washington Post has identified Michels on a list of dangerous election deniers running for office.

It’s unclear why Trump would abandon someone as radical as Michels, but  Trump’s potential 2024 rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, came to Green Bay to campaign for Michels just last month — that could not have helped the rift between Trump and Michels.

While Trump may have left Michels out in the cold in some of the most crucial days leading up to the election, it is without a doubt that Michels’ agenda remains the same. Michels has run his campaign on a platform to undermine democracy and stake out the most radical positions possible. Wisconsin deserves a governor who will act on their behalf, not on behalf of Donald Trump or other radical special interest groups.

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