MADISON, Wis. — In case you missed, Governor Tony Evers spoke at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin’s #BansOffOurBodies event in Madison on Saturday.

During his first term, Gov. Evers has vetoed nine bills that would’ve restricted reproductive freedom and called on the Wisconsin Legislature to repeal the state’s archaic 173-year old abortion ban. Gov. Evers also led a coalition of governors urging Congress to protect abortion access at the federal level.

See below for a roundup of coverage on Gov. Evers defending reproductive freedom and abortion access.

Cap Times: Hundreds rally for Wisconsin to repeal its 173-year-old abortion ban

“Gov. Tony Evers told the crowd he would ‘fight like hell’ to ensure that abortion remains legal in Wisconsin. A staunch supporter of abortion rights, the Democratic governor responded to the leaked opinion by organizing other governors to call on Congress pass a law guaranteeing abortion rights at the federal level.”

WPR: Hundreds gather at state Capitol to push for reproductive rights

“Before the crowd of vocal demonstrators, Evers declared himself a ‘proud defender of reproductive rights.”

“‘I’m old enough to remember the way things were before Roe. And it wasn’t pretty,’ he said. ‘And that’s why I’m here to tell you today that we cannot go back.’”

Isthmus: ‘Fight like hell’

“‘I’m not going to stand up here and tell you it’s going to be easy because it’s not. It’s going to be hard. The days ahead will be very difficult and the consequences are so real for so many people,’ Evers told a crowd estimated to be around 1,500 by the Madison Police Department. ‘We cannot turn our back on the clock of reproductive health care access by five decades…. We will not go back. We’re going to fight like hell.’”

Wisconsin Examiner: Wisconsinites protest threat to overturn Roe v. Wade

“‘I am a proud defender of reproductive rights,’ Evers said. ‘I will never stop fighting to make sure you have a right to make your own reproductive health care decision without the interference of politicians.’”

WKOW: Top state officials stand with pro-choice demonstrators at the Capitol

“‘I will never stop fighting to make sure you have the right your own reproductive health care decisions spell interference of politicians,’ Gov. Tony Evers said.”

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