MADISON, Wis. — Today, in less than a minute in both chambers, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature refused to take action on Governor Tony Evers’ surplus plan — showing that they’re against addressing rising costs, increasing child care opportunities, expanding caregiving, and improving education quality.

Whether at the gas pump or the checkout line, Wisconsinites are feeling the effects of rising costs, and last week’s Marquette poll highlighted that Wisconsinites expect action on rising costs.

Gov. Evers has urged legislators to put aside partisan differences and come to the table for Wisconsin families, but unfortunately, Republican leaders have chosen to gavel out of the special session and previously said that Gov. Evers’ common sense surplus plan is a “non-starter.”

Gov. Evers’ surplus plan would deliver a $150 tax rebate to every Wisconsin tax filer and each of their dependents — meaning a family of four would receive $600 that they can use to pay for gas, bills, or whatever they need most. Gov. Evers’ surplus plan would also increase child care opportunities so folks can fill jobs, expand caregiving with a tax credit that AARP Wisconsin supports, and improve education quality — all while providing much-needed property tax relief for parents.

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