Dem Gov. Tony Evers today launched three new TV ads hitting GOP rival Tim Michels on his business practices, as well as his stances on guns and abortion.

Evers’ campaign said the spots are part of a statewide buy on cable and broadcast, but didn’t release other details.

On spot features a woman identified as Tina, a farmer from Cambridge. Tina says she’d never bill someone twice for the same job, but Michels has a record of doing that.

She says Michels billed Wisconsin taxpayers twice for the same construction job, totaling $400,000. Once he was caught, she adds, Michels tried to charge taxpayers an extra $52,000 to fix it.

“That’s totally dishonest. I never trust anyone like that as governor,” Tina says. “Tim Michels is wrong for Wisconsin.”

Another ad features a woman identified as Anna who says it was her worst nightmare when she heard from her doctor her baby’s diagnosis was dismal with a severe abnormality. The screen read the baby was expected to be deaf, likely blind and mentally disabled. She and her husband decided to have an abortion “so our daughter wouldn’t suffer.”

“Tim Michels thinks that decision should have been his, not ours,” she says. “He wants to criminalize abortion and if he’s elected, women will lose the freedom to decide what’s best for them.

The third spot features a series of students who says Michels wants to allow teenagers to buy AR-15s with no waiting period and allow people to bring loaded guns onto school grounds.

“I don’t want guns in my school,” one student says before another adds, “We shouldn’t be making things worse.”

The students call Michels “way too radical” and “too divisive.”

See the business ad:

See the abortion commercial:

See the gun ad:

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