Gov. Tony Evers launched two new ads hitting GOP rival Tim Michels — one spot on abortion, the other on sexual harassment suits against the construction exec’s business.

Evers’ campaign didn’t release details on the buys.

One features a couple identified as Joel and Summer, a Wisconsin mom and dad. They say they’re expecting again and are excited about expanding their family, which includes two kids. The dad says Michels’ stance on abortion concerns him because of the possibility his wife could have an ectopic pregnancy or complications.

“Tim Michels wants to ban abortion with no exceptions for a mother’s health. That’s just wrong,” the mom says.

The dad adds, “You take away our freedom to make our own decisions, that could leave my kids without a mom.”

The second spot is a new take on past ads Evers has run knocking Michels over the harassment suits against Michels Corp. This one plays clips of Michels saying, “I don’t care who I offend.”

The narrator says at Michels’ company, “the culture comes from the top.” The spot then recounts allegations in the suits and news coverage that one employee said if she refused demands for sex, she’d be blackballed from working on a pipeline.

The spot replays the clip of Michels saying he doesn’t care who he offends before the narrator concludes the spot, “That’s how Tim Michels runs his company. Don’t let him run our state.”

See the ads:–kE5P-m4

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