Dem Gov. Tony Evers’ latest TV ad says he’s “doing the right thing for Wisconsin.”

The campaign didn’t release details of the buy. According to AdImpact, Evers and those backing him were poised to spend more than $12 million on paid media over the final two weeks of the race. GOP challenger Tim Michels and his supporters had reserved more than $7.7 million.

Evers’ new ad features the guv and his wife, Kathy. They talk about hanging out at Dino’s Pizza growing up, and Evers says “we needed to help places like this” when the pandemic hit.

Evers touts investing more than a billion dollars in grants and tax cuts to help small businesses prevent layoffs and create jobs.

“Politics doesn’t have to be divisive,” Evers says. “Helping places like Dino’s is what really matters.”

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