MILWAUKEE — Fair Elections Project Director Sachin Chheda released the following statement in response to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court’s decision to rig Wisconsin’s legislative maps for the 2022 election:

“After years of organizing, hundreds of hours of litigation, tens of thousands of volunteers advocating, and millions of citizens calling for fair maps, the extremely partisan justices on the State Supreme Court are choosing to kill democracy in 2022.

“Today, the justices in the majority chose judicial activism. The rigged maps drawn by the legislature last year were previously rejected three times — and these maps are even more gerrymandered than those drawn in 2011. Without any legal basis or precedent, and ignoring a decision they made just a month ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is showing its true colors: political gain over judicial fairness.

“Time and time again, our high courts have let the people of Wisconsin down. From the lawless least-changes approach in Wisconsin, to the US Supreme Court meddling in our elections at the last minute, our current courts are not demonstrating a commitment to the law, the constitution or the people.

“This is a major setback in the fight for fair maps, but it is far from over. The supermajority of Wisconsinites who want to end partisan gerrymandering will remember how this court betrayed us, and we will never relax in our fight for a stronger democracy.”

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