MADISON— Fair Elections Project Director Sachin Chheda released the following statement in response to the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision on legislative maps:

“The die was cast when a partisan majority on the Court ignored the Constitution, ignored the law, and sided with the interests of a few powerful Republican politicians over a supermajority of Wisconsinites who want fair maps. The made-up “least changes” framework, which has no basis in law, intentionally and unconstitutionally limited the options the court allowed itself to consider.

“The partisan maps adopted today, which intentionally disenfranchise a majority of Wisconsin residents, are an unfair and poor outcome in this case and pose a serious threat to representative democracy in our state.

“It’s deeply upsetting that early in this case, extreme, activist, right-wing judges ignored the law and the Constitution to rig the process to maintain their Party’s grip on power. It’s unfortunate those so-called justices played their part as political pawns rather than independent arbiters.

“However, we must thank the Court today for one decision – this map correctly analyzes the population and includes seven VRA-compliant districts in southeastern Wisconsin.

“Let me be clear: this fight is still far from over, and those who worked to rig these maps will be held accountable for ignoring the Constitution and the law and for ruling against the people of Wisconsin in implementing a ‘least-changes’ map that continues the gerrymander.”

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