Robust Organizing Program Will Educate Voters on Johnson’s History Opposing Policies Families Need


MADISON, Wis. – Today, the Family Friendly Action PAC announced a grassroots independent expenditure that will spend $5 million to defeat Ron Johnson, who has consistently stood in the way of passing common sense policies that would help working families make ends meet. This robust organizing program will listen to the needs and priorities of voters across Wisconsin ahead of the midterm elections.


In Wisconsin, Family Friendly Action PAC is working to build a better future for working people and a more stable economy by fighting for smart policies that will lower costs for working families. These policies include: affordable prescription drugs; paid family and medical leave; reliable, affordable elder care; and affordable, quality child care.


These policies will make a transformative change in the lives of hardworking Wisconsinites, and part of that change requires lawmakers prioritizing the needs of working families. Unfortunately, Senator Ron Johnson has proven time and time again that he is unwilling to do so.


“For too long, our economy has not worked for the majority of hardworking families in Wisconsin, and the last few years have only reaffirmed this harsh reality,” said Brita Olsen, Family Friendly Action PAC Wisconsin State Director. “Everyday, we will be listening to voters to hear what they need from their lawmakers so they have the opportunity to thrive.”


Wisconsin families deserve a senator who will fight for them. Family Friendly Action PAC will continue to elevate the voices of voters across the Badger State so the candidates running to replace Senator Johnson will prioritize these issues for families and for our economy.

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