MARINETTE, Wis. — Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro met with shipbuilders and toured the recently revamped shipyard, where Fincantieri Marinette Marine builds ships for the U.S. Navy.

At the sprawling Marinette shipyard, workers are finishing serial production of the Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ships and are about to begin construction of the Navy’s newest class of ships: Constellation-class Frigates. The frigates will be larger and more capable than the LCSs which are produced in partnership with Lockheed Martin.

The visit by the Navy secretary lends support to one of his core principles – “to strengthen strategic partnerships and relationships, including those with industry.” Those who met with him mentioned his appreciation for the complex shipbuilding environment and its connection to our national security.

“We offered updates on the [Constellation-class] Frigate program and then showed the Secretary the scope of our recent $300 million investments in our system-of-shipyards,” said Dario Deste, CEO of Fincantieri Marine Group. “Sec. Del Toro mentioned several times the importance the Frigate program is for the Navy and the nation, and that is not lost on our team. Our men and women know that their work is directly linked to the Navy’s ability to project power abroad.”

The Fincantieri team continues its progress on detail design of the first Constellation-class Frigate, with the next milestone expected to happen in the coming months. Six months after that, FMM will begin construction on the second Constellation-class Frigate. FMM has options for eight additional frigates.

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