Today is the day that you, the voter, decides who you want to represent your voice as Governor of Wisconsin!
Ask yourself- do I want my vote to be bought and paid for by career politicians? Or to have my vote EARNED by Fischer for Governor?
Do I want honesty, transparency, and a trustworthy individual in the seat of Governor?
I, Adam Fischer, am a hard-working former Police Officer, a business owner, and a farmer. Know I will represent the needs and concerns of We the people- because I am just one of the people! Do we want more empty promises and long-winded speeches, or a real man who takes action and does what he says? A man who exercises his right to the second amendment daily and will protect your own?
A solid man with a heart and a backbone, who has served his community as a LEO, so you know I practice what I preach.
A man who is humble, who’s faith is strong in the Lord, a hunter, fisher, farmer? A man who will represent the working class and ensure our Constitutional rights are upheld? A man who respects all life, liberty, and every Americans’ right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
I would be humbled and honored to be the peoples’ Governor- I will listen to my constituents and their needs, and will physically come to all 72 counties as Governor and attend town hall meetings so I will know what’s going on across the state!
I have run this grassroots Campaign for a year and have done my own legwork. That won’t change as Governor of Wisconsin.
As your next Wisconsin Governor I’m ready to-
•Cut taxes with a flat tax!
•Get rid of death tax
•Get rid of Social Security tax
•Make inmates pay for their OWN stays through restitution, not our tax payers!  Real jails, not  country clubs!
•Enforcement of the laws existing on the books. We don’t need new laws or more laws. We need to ENFORCE the existing laws!
•Give power to the parents in our public schools! No CRT and no inappropriate sexual education from inappropriate individuals and sources!
• Instill VOTER integrity, and a minimum 5 year sentence to ANYONE involved in voter fraud!
•Provide Resources for our communities, Police, Firemen, Teachers, Health care, EMS, Corrections, Military-Veterans.
FAR too many of Wisconsin resources are being funneled to corporate interests and kickbacks, NOT where they belong! In the COMMUNITY-SERVING the needs of the community!
• Will Advocate for medical marijuana
•Will Advocate for universal health care
And lastly, I want the seat of Governor used to bring our families in our community back together! The most important thing to me and to the future of Wisconsin is solid loving families! If we have solid families coming together, we have solid communities, supporting each other!
A stronger family unit means a stronger Wisconsin!
I thank you in advance for your vote! It’s time for a changing of the guard Wisconsin.For too long the average citizen has been grossly underrepresented in Politics.
Vote Adam J Fischer today, a real man with real intentions, who speaks from the heart and holds no corporate or financial agendas. I’m just a average man who saw a need and stepped up to take action.
Thank you for all the support and God bless!!!

Adam Fischer is a grassroots candidate for governor from Oak Creek, WI. He is a former police officer, a past nationally recognized corporate salesman, and is currently a successful businessman.  For more information, see our website at


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