Statement by Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson

After much reflection, I have decided I will not run for another term as Fitchburg Mayor this spring, regardless of the outcome of my State Treasurer race this November. I am optimistic Wisconsin voters will elect me as their next State Treasurer. Whatever the outcome in November, Fitchburg is in a strong position to build on the successes we have had and to take on the challenges we will face. This is the right time for me to step aside.

We have accomplished so much during my time as Mayor including increasing pathways to homeownership, accelerating the City’s transition to renewable energy, and raising the Pride flag for the first time over City hall. These accomplishments create a strong foundation for the future and will continue to help make Fitchburg a wonderful place to live, play and recreate for generations.

While I won’t continue in this role, Fitchburg will always be my home. I will be here to support and help our next Mayor in any way I can. We must ensure Fitchburg remains a diverse and vibrant community.

Being a public servant means long hours and a lot of time away from loved ones. I could not serve without the unwavering support of my family and friends. I appreciate your continued and unwavering support. Thank you. 

Finally, to the people of Fitchburg: it has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime to serve as your Mayor. It is hard to describe how much it means to have earned your confidence and trust. Thank you for all you do to make Fitchburg one of Wisconsin’s true gems.

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