Forward Latino, a non-partisan, non-profit service and advocacy organization today announced the completion of its “Mi Voto Cuenta” (My Vote Counts) civic engagement campaign and issued a statement on initial Hispanic voting trends in the 2022 midterm elections.

Forward Latino launched the “Mi Voto Cuenta” campaign to promote participation in elections as well as to ensure all eligible voters were granted access to the polls. During the campaign, Forward Latino contacted over 66,000 eligible Latino voters encouraging them to vote and provided them with information including polling locations, photo ID requirements and more.

National President Darryl Morin issued the following statement upon the release of 2022 initial midterm exit poll findings released by NBC News/National Election Pool/Edison Research.

“During this midterm election we saw a significant increase in outreach to Wisconsin’s Hispanic community. From community-based organizations to both major political parties, Wisconsin’s Hispanic community is now recognized as a deciding force in statewide elections.

During the last few weeks, Forward Latino’s network of members, affiliates and partners contacted more than 66,000 eligible Latino voters in the state encouraging them to participate in the election process and provided them with voting information in both English and Spanish. In addition, Forward Latino had six (6) teams of Election Observers monitoring polls across the state. Fortunately, Forward Latino only had to intervene at one polling location to ensure lawful voters were granted access.

In both Governor and Senatorial races, initial exit poll information provided by NBC News/National Election Pool/Edison Research found that Latinos voted 86% Democrat and 14% Republican in the Governors race and 85% Democrat and 15% Republican in the Wisconsin’s Senate race.

While the initial results skew heavily in one direction, investment in Hispanic outreach continues to lag. Any party wishing to earn the Latino vote will need to demonstrate through both policy and investment that they are serious about earning the Latino vote.”

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