Franklin, WI: Forward Latino, a non-partisan, service and advocacy organization with members in 29  states issues the following statement regarding this evening’s State of The Union Address by President  Joe Biden: 

Tonight Forward Latino applauds the message of unity and urgency shared by President Biden in  tonight’s State of the Union Address. From defending freedom and democracy against dictators and  autocrats around the world, to making sure every person and business has a fair opportunity to  succeed and prosper, Forward Latino supports a number of the President’s stated priorities. 

We look forward to working with the President and Congressional leadership to: 

  1. Reform our broken immigration system and to provide a pathway for Dreamers, essential  workers and TPS holders to adjust their status, helping accelerate U.S. innovation and  competitiveness 
  2. Approve workforce development and training programs so that all can rise into the middle  class and beyond 
  3. Make sure lifesaving medicines are affordable for all and not just some as good health should  not come at a price Americans cannot afford 
  4. Implement commonsense gun violence prevention solutions and community-oriented  policing strategies to improve safety in our streets and in our homes across urban and rural  America 
  5. Pass voting rights protection legislation to ensure that every eligible voter can vote and that  every vote counts 

Lastly, Forward Latino supports the courageous people of Ukraine who remind us what it truly means  to fight for freedom. Glory to Ukraine, and Glory to its Heroes. 

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