The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in the district was $958 per month in July, close to half an hourly wage worker’s net income

De Pere – Housing costs have risen dramatically in Northeast Wisconsin over the past five years, threatening the safety and stability of local families. Renee Gasch, a candidate for State Assembly District 2, collected data on rent costs in the district and found that the average monthly rent for a basic two-bedroom in July was approximately $958 per month, close to half the monthly net income of an hourly wage employee.

The highest rental prices in the district were found in De Pere at an average cost of $1325 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. The most affordable average was found in Two Rivers at $754 per month for a two-bedroom. In some communities, such as Mishicot, no options were available to rent a two-bedroom apartment.

At these prices, an entry-level worker making less than $20 an hour is paying close to half their net income on rent. When families factor in other inflated costs of living, such as childcare, gas to get to work, car insurance, and food to feed a family, the numbers do not add up. For a parent making a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour or a tipped minimum wage of $2.33 an hour, there are no affordable options to live and work in Assembly District 2.

Renee Gasch, who is running as a Democrat for Assembly District 2 in the November 8th election, made this statement:

“The people of Wisconsin need and deserve homes they can afford so they can live, work and thrive here. Our research confirms what many families already know: housing in Northeast Wisconsin has become unaffordable. Low-wage working families in Assembly District 2 are one emergency expense away from falling into poverty or becoming homeless. With another school year beginning, it is a priority that Wisconsin families have safe, stable housing so our neighborhood kids can excel in school.

The State Legislature should support the people of Wisconsin by ensuring safe affordable housing is available in all communities across our state. Wisconsin can provide temporary rental assistance to low-income families while we work to stabilize our housing market, and we should return local rent control to communities so they can establish rent ceilings that make sense for their area. Let’s partner with developers to build affordable, mixed income housing options and address supply chain issues to expedite development projects in advance of the winter months.

I have made lowering costs on housing a top issue in my campaign because I know how important stable housing is to Wisconsin families. We need leaders in public office who are focused on addressing the needs of everyday people in Wisconsin.”

The data was compiled by the Renee for Assembly campaign using publicly available information through,,, and Averages were calculated using rental listings for two-bedroom apartments in each community.

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