Dem U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Godlewski launched a new TV ad today featuring video from this week’s debate in which she questioned her male rivals’ commitment to protecting reproductive rights.

Godlewski’s campaign said it is a seven-figure buy running statewide on a combination of broadcast, cable TV and digital platforms.

The entire spot is a clip from the debate in which Godlewski expresses frustration with her own party, saying it had 50 years to codify the U.S. Supreme Court decision guaranteeing the right to an abortion, but failed.

She tells her male rivals on the debate stage she’s glad now that ruling is overturned they are sharing their personal stories. But Godlewski says she was the only one who had been talking about reproductive rights before that because “for me, this is not an afterthought.”

“If Wisconsin wants to restore its women’s right to choose, they’ll send the woman who will get the job done and defeat Ron Johnson,” Godlewski says.

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