MADISON – Today, President Biden announced that he is calling for a suspension of the federal gas tax. State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski, who was an early leader in calling for this suspension, applauded President Biden for adding his voice and urged the Senate to take quick action to address soaring energy costs.

“Wisconsinites are facing rising costs everywhere, and Washington needs to be doing everything it can to deliver immediate and much-needed relief. I’m glad to see President Biden join me in calling for a temporary suspension of the federal gas tax,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Instead of getting this done months ago, Ron Johnson has been too busy spreading conspiracy theories and apparently trying to overthrow our democracy. The Senate needs to do their part and quickly get this done, working families need the relief.”

Sarah has been calling for a federal gas tax holiday for months and it’s included in her “Cut Costs Now” plan. In February, she called on Congress to pass gas price relief legislation just before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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