MADISON – Today, President Biden signed an Executive Order to strengthen the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and fix the “family glitch,” which could help another one million Americans access more affordable, quality health care. State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski praised the President’s action and committed to continue to strengthen the ACA as Senator.

“This is exactly what we need to be doing: strengthening the Affordable Care Act so that more and more Americans have access to the quality, affordable health care they deserve,” said Sarah Godlewski. “With Ron Johnson and the GOP once again threatening the future of the ACA, we all must commit to protecting and strengthening the ACA – there’s too much on the line for Democrats to focus on anything but practical solutions like this.”

At the signing of the Executive Order, former President Obama encouraged Washington to continue to build on the ACA, while President Biden sounded the alarm that the GOP would scrap the ACA if given the chance–a promise Ron Johnson made clear last month.

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