MADISON – In case you missed it, yesterday Ron Johnson said a plan that calls for raising taxes on half the country (including 32% of Wisconsinites), jeopardizing Social Security and Medicare, and restricting voting access is “a positive thing.”

At the same time, Ron Johnson has renewed the GOP’s call to repeal the Affordable Care Act, threatening critical protections for millions of Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions and access to quality, affordable health care for hundreds of thousands more.

“What part does Ron Johnson think is ‘a positive thing?’ Raising taxes on working Wisconsinites? Cutting Social Security? Every day that passes, Ron Johnson proves to Wisconsinites that he just doesn’t care about us anymore,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Instead of fighting tooth and nail to bring real opportunities back here, Ron Johnson is focused on taking care of himself and his billionaire friends and that’s why it’s time to send him packing. Wisconsinites deserve a senator who is focused on delivering relief and opportunities for hardworking families.”

Last month, Ron Johnson refused to fight for 1,000 good-paying union jobs in his hometown of Oshkosh and told Wisconsin parents they were on their own for affordable child care. Meanwhile, Sarah Godlewski called on Congress to re-extend the Child Tax Credit, to suspend the federal gas tax, and to pass the Build Back Better plan as individual pieces of legislation to reduce costs for working families.

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