MADISON – Fresh off a victorious debate performance on Sunday, Sarah Godlewski’s campaign is launching a new TV ad that calls out her own party and her primary opponents for not prioritizing reproductive rights until it was too late to save this bedrock freedom from constant radical right-wing attacks. The spot has seven-figures behind it and will appear in multiple media markets across the state.

The ad pulls from Godlewski’s strong performance at the TMJ4 Senate Democratic Primary debate that one Democratic strategist called a “Smart / strategic / powerful debate moment from Sarah Godlewski.”

The overturning of Roe makes choice and reproductive freedom a frontline issue in Wisconsin in the 2022 elections, and this ad comes as Sarah has seen surging momentum since the Supreme Court ruling:

  • Godlewski’s State Convention speech and her focus on abortion rights received rave reviews as “the best” of all primary candidates from voters and race-watchers alike.

  • A straw poll conducted by WisPolitics during the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s State Convention showed Godlewski “effectively tied” with Mandela Barnes among the democratic faithful and core primary voters.

  • Godlewski’s campaign had its best 72 hours of individual donations ever last month, which resulted in the campaign’s best quarter of individual donations received.

  • Godlewski’s strong debate performance has resulted in praise from independent observers both in state and nationally

    • Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin“Godlewski was the candidate who stood out, and not just because her bright green jacket contrasted with the lineup of men in dark suits. She presented a feisty image, stressing her success in winning statewide races in the swing state.”

    • Cap Times Ed Board“Ultimately, however, it was Godlewski who made the most energetic electability argument. The treasurer’s presentation throughout the evening — and especially when she focused on her long-term advocacy for abortion rights — was strong. But she was at her best when it came to making a case for why she can win in November.”

But don’t take our word for it — dozens of current and future abortion care providers have lined up to support Sarah because she is the one who will restore reproductive rights for everyone.


Sarah Godlewski: I am frustrated with my own party. You know, we’ve had 50 years to make Roe into law, but we failed. And you know what? Guys, I’m glad that now that Roe is overturned, you are all now sharing your own personal stories. But I was the only one talking about reproductive rights because for me, this is not an afterthought. If Wisconsin wants to restore its women’s right to choose, they’ll send the woman who will get the job done and defeat Ron Johnson. I’m Sarah Godlewski. I approve this message.

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