Support from Sarah’s hometown and northern, western, and central Wisconsin
shows strong momentum for statewide grassroots campaign

MADISON – Today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski announced the endorsements from eight current and former elected officials from across the Dairy State. County treasurers, council and board members, and retired officials from northern, western, and central Wisconsin added their names to the growing list of Wisconsinites supporting Godlewski’s campaign to replace Ron Johnson and his conspiracy theories with commonsense solutions.

“I’m grateful to have the support of leaders from all over the state, communities big and small,” said Sarah Godlewski. “These leaders work hard to deliver for their communities each and every day — and it’s time we have a Senator who will do the same. In Washington, I’ll bring practical solutions that help our communities and address the kitchen table issues that Wisconsinites care about.”

These leaders add their names to the growing list of endorsements throughout the state from elected officials to community leaders. Godlewski has also received backing from groups including EMILY’s List, No Dem Left Behind, United Rural Democrats, VoteMama, Her Bold Move, and Democrats Serve.

The statewide endorsements include:

La Crosse County Treasurer Amy Twitchell: “Sarah Godlewski has been a strong advocate for our state and has worked tirelessly for all Wisconsinites. As Treasurer, she has used her position to deliver support for Wisconsin families and communities. As a county treasurer, I know firsthand the importance of providing quality public services and fiscal stewardship to taxpayers. Sarah shares these priorities, and she will continue to put Wisconsin families first as Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator.”

Former La Crosse County Board Chair Margaret Wood: “I am pleased to endorse Sarah Godlewski for the U.S. Senate. Sarah has a proven track record as the Wisconsin State Treasurer for implementing good government measures, using the resources of the treasurer’s office to provide favorable outcomes for Wisconsin citizens, especially statewide broadband. Sarah has the initiative, the decision-making skills, and national and international experience to serve as our U. S. Senator from Wisconsin!”

Former Oakland Treasurer Chris Astrella: “I worked with Sarah on the Homeownership Task force during the Pandemic. Her leadership and dedication to completing our mission was important (and needed!) while the world was dealing with COVID-19. I can’t imagine not having Sarah as a part of the Task Force and am grateful for the opportunity to work with her and all the professionals during such a tumultuous time. The leadership and dedication is exactly what’s needed in the United States Senate.”

Ashland City Councilman Eric Lindell: “When I met Sarah in person for the first time she didn’t jump right into the issues but asked how I met my wife and took time to get to know me and took the time to better understand the issues facing our small rural community. She cares about people at a personal level and to me that is at the core of our Wisconsin values and why I know she will make sure that our voices are heard in Washington each and every day.”

Eau Claire County Board Member Judy Gatlin: “As a 5th generation Wisconsinite, born and raised in Eau Claire, Sarah is the perfect person to bring western Wisconsin values of hardwork and practical solutions to a broken Washington. She believes in getting things done — it’s that simple — and will be a Senator all Wisconsinites can be proud of.”

La Crosse County Board Supervisor Maureen Freedland: “Sarah is driven by strong ethical values. She has amazed me with all she has accomplished for Wisconsin. She leads on issues that matter to working families and for our environment.”

Eau Claire City Councilmember Dr. Rod Jones: “I am endorsing Sarah Godlewski because she is a discerning thinker and creative problem-solver. She is committed to improving the lives of Wisconsinites. Sarah is a dedicated leader who will work collaboratively with elected officials across all party lines to achieve meaningful results, which is desperately needed on behalf of our state and nation.”

Dane County Treasurer Adam Gallagher: “As a county treasurer and past president of the Wisconsin County Treasurer’s Association, I have been fortunate to work with State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski on beneficial initiatives like the Homeownership Taskforce. Godlewski accomplished stakeholder collaboration across a variety of occupational disciplines to support shared objectives like assisting struggling property owners throughout Wisconsin.”

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