New polling conducted recently in the Wisconsin Democratic primary for US Senate shows Sarah Godlewski surging past her opponents.

New Poll Shows Godlewski’s Positive Messaging Tests the Best of Any Democratic Candidate

A new PPP poll of 566 likely Wisconsin Democratic primary voters conducted last week shows Godlewski leaping into a 10 point lead when voters receive a comprehensive paragraph of each of the candidate’s positive messaging (Godlewski 35%, Barnes 25%, Lasry 17%). Even before voters hear information on the candidates, Godlewski is statistically tied or leading in the critical markets that Democrats need to compete in if they are going to win statewide in November: Green Bay, Wausau, and Eau Claire-La Crosse media markets.

Roe Changes the Race, and Godlewski Strongest on Reproductive Freedom & Health Care

The PPP survey also shows the power of abortion rights in this race. In the wake of the bombshell leak that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade, 80% of Democratic primary voters say it makes them more motivated to vote in the August primary, including 67% who say it makes them “much more motivated.” This is driven largely by women, 75% of whom say this makes them much more motivated to vote compared to 52% of men.

As the only woman in the Democratic primary and the leading pro-choice candidate, Godlewski is the natural leader on this issue in the Democratic field. Godlewski has gained national attention for her strong campaign in a battleground state. She was the first candidate in the country to release an ad on Roe after the SCOTUS leak, and is uniquely positioned as the strongest candidate in the Wisconsin Democratic primary field to  advocate for reproductive freedom.

Godlewski’s Support Growing More and Faster Than Any Other Primary Candidate 

Godlewski has made the most significant gains of any candidate in recent months following her communications on prescription drugs and, notably, choice. She has more than doubled her vote from the Marquette University Law School poll in April, continuing her upward trajectory as the campaign heads into the critical summer months.  Her growth is most stark among women, a key voting block in the primary election. Godlewski picks up 24% of support after positive communications about each of the candidates, double her impressive growth among men.

Recent internal polling from primary competitors also confirms that Godlewski is growing fastest, picking up 11% in under three months despite being outspent during the same time period – moving up to 18%. Godlewski’s surge comes at a critical time. With over two and a half months to go before Election Day, she is gaining in the polls just as voters have begun paying attention. As the Supreme Court prepares to issue its final ruling on Roe, Godlewski is well-positioned to continue her growth, win the Democratic nomination, and defeat Ron Johnson.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 566 likely Democratic primary voters in Wisconsin from May 23-24, 2022. The margin of error is +/- 4.1%.

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