MADISON – Today, the Sarah for Wisconsin campaign released a new TV ad as part of an ongoing, multi-million dollar ad campaign leading up to the August 9th primary election. The ad features footage of Sarah Godlewski on the campaign trail over the past few weeks talking to crowds of Wisconsinites about how Washington has failed Wisconsin’s working families and the need for more women and moms in the U.S. Senate.

“Sarah is a fighter who knows how to win tough races and that’s exactly who we need to take on Ron Johnson in November,” said Jake Strassberger, Campaign Manager for Sarah for Wisconsin.



Announcer: Sarah Godlewski, leading the fight.

Sarah Godlewski: “Between Roe v. Wade, paid family leave, affordable childcare, and affordable senior care. If you had more women at that U.S. Senate table they’d be prioritizing things like that.

Announcer: Sarah Godlewski, straight talk about Ron Johnson.

Sarah Godlewski: We do not want politicians like Ron Johnson, making health care decisions for women and affecting our freedom.

Announcer: Sarah Godlewski, the best chance to rid the Senate of Ron Johnson.

Sarah Godlewski: I’m Sarah Godlewski. I approve this message.

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