MADISON – Today, the Sarah for Wisconsin campaign released its second TV ad as part of an ongoing, seven-figure ad buy featuring broadcast, cable, and digital messages in every major market across the state. In the ad, Sarah Godlewski calls out both Democrats and Republicans like Ron Johnson for failing to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

“Sarah’s not afraid to speak common sense to Washington politicians, including some Democrats: prescription drug prices keep going up, elected officials keep bowing down to Big Pharma, and Wisconsin’s done with it,” said Jake Strassberger, Campaign Manager for Sarah for Wisconsin.

Following the release of the new ad, Godlewski will head to Milwaukee to meet with Wisconsinites who are dealing with the rising costs of prescription drugs and discuss how decades of Washington inaction has failed them. This comes on the heels of Godlewski unveiling her plan to rein in skyrocketing drug costs and take Big Pharma head-on.


Sarah Godlewski: For decades, Washington politicians have promised to lower the cost of prescription drugs. 

But every year, the prices go up. Why? 

Because Republicans like Ron Johnson — and let’s be honest, too many
Democrats — don’t have the guts to stand up to the pharmaceutical companies. 

I’m Sarah Godlewski and I will. 

I want to bring practical solutions to Washington… that’s what I’ve done as State Treasurer. 

I’m Sarah Godlewski, and the big drug companies may not approve this message. But I do.

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