MADISON – Following the release of her “Cut Costs Plan” earlier this week, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski traveled to Wausau today to host a roundtable discussion with Wausau area families, activists, and community leaders about the rising cost of living and access to affordable housing.

“Costs everywhere are going up and for too long hardworking families in Wausau and across Wisconsin have not had reliable access to affordable housing — this has to end,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Unlike Ron Johnson, I’ll never give up on working families in need. I’m in this fight to bring practical solutions to a broken Washington so that Wisconsinites can afford to live in this state and thrive.”

Earlier this week, Sarah traveled to Fitchburg to meet with parents and discuss challenges to affordable child care access. In addition to making housing more affordable, accessible, and sustainable, Sarah’s plan to cut costs would:

  • Provide immediate relief for soaring energy costs with a gas tax holiday
  • Invest in renewable energy now to lower future energy costs
  • Improve the supply chain and address food supply delays by making things here at home
  • Cut the high cost of prescription drugs
  • Make the child tax credit permanent
  • Expand access to affordable, quality child care
  • Impose consequences for price gouging
  • Crack down on corporate greed
  • Institute a wealth tax and make middle-class tax cuts permanent

Read the full plan here.

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