MADISON – Following the release of her plan to cut costs for working families earlier today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski traveled to Fitchburg, toured the Mariposa Learning Center, and held a roundtable discussion to hear about Wisconsin families’ struggles to access affordable child care.

“Unaffordable and inaccessible child care has been a burden on Wisconsin families for way too long, and now rising costs at the grocery store, gas pump, and more are making this burden unbearable,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Today, I heard from community leaders, parents, and childcare providers who all agree this is a problem we have to tackle and we have to tackle now.”

While Sarah met with parents and discussed her plan to expand access to affordable child care in Madison and across Wisconsin, Ron Johnson told parents in January that they are on their own and that it’s not “society’s responsibility.” Last month, he took it a step further by proposing that low-income working mothers should be forced to fill child care staffing gaps. Unlike Ron Johnson, Sarah is laser-focused on the kitchen-table issues that matter most to Wisconsin families, and she knows that child care is a top priority for working families.

In addition to expanding access to affordable, quality child care, Sarah’s plan to cut costs would:

  • Provide immediate relief for soaring energy costs with a gas tax holiday
  • Invest in renewable energy now to lower future energy costs
  • Improve the supply chain and address food supply delays by making things here at home
  • Make housing more affordable, accessible, and sustainable
  • Cut the high cost of prescription drugs
  • Make the child tax credit permanent
  • Impose consequences for price gouging
  • Crack down on corporate greed
  • Institute a wealth tax and make middle-class tax cuts permanent

Read the full plan here.

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