MADISON – Today, Sarah for Wisconsin released its first statewide TV ad campaign of the 2022 cycle. “Common Sense” contrasts Ron Johnson’s reckless focus on conspiracy theories and disregard for the problems Wisconsinites are facing with Sarah Godlewski’s focus on commonsense ways to help people.

“Washington doesn’t need conspiracy theories, it needs practical solutions, and that’s what Sarah Godlewski is all about,” said Jake Strassberger, Campaign Manager for Sarah for Wisconsin.

The most recent head-to-head poll showed Godlewski is well-positioned to beat Johnson in November and the only candidate leading the longtime extremist politician, pulling ahead by 2 points (48-46). Godlewski has received endorsements throughout the state from elected officials to community leaders. She’s also received backing from groups including EMILY’s List, No Dem Left Behind, United Rural Democrats, VoteMama, Her Bold Move, and Democrats Serve.


Sarah Godlewski: Dairy farms disappearing, prices up, COVID still not gone. 

And what’s Ron Johnson done? Voted against new jobs and told us to take mouthwash to cure COVID.

I’m Sarah Godlewski. I grew up in Eau Claire where we’re more interested in common sense than conspiracies.

That’s how I’ve run the State Treasurer’s office,

And common sense is what quite frankly we could use in Washington.

Practical ideas that just help people. Not mouthwash.

I’m Sarah Godlewski and that’s why I approve this message.

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