MADISON – After trying and failing for ten years to repeal the Affordable Care Act — the widely popular health care reform law with more than 14.2 million people selecting plans for this year — Ron Johnson is once again vowing to throw our health care system into chaos if Republicans retake control of the Senate. Today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski slammed Ron Johnson and the GOP for this latest attack on access to affordable health care that millions of families with pre-existing conditions depend on.

“Ron Johnson just admitted that if he’s re-elected, he will work to undo the critical protections for millions of Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions and strip hundreds of thousands more of their quality, affordable health care,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Ron Johnson and the GOP spent years trying to throw out the Affordable Care Act, and today he made clear he will do it all over again if he gets the chance — and we can’t let him. This election is not only about beating Ron Johnson, it’s about ensuring Wisconsinites’ health and financial well-being.”

For the better part of a decade, Ron Johnson, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP did everything they could to gut the Affordable Care Act, voting over 70 times to try and strip health care away from millions of Americans. While Ron Johnson is focused on repealing the Affordable Care Act, Sarah Godlewski has gotten to work and introduced two major plans to rein in soaring prescription drug costs and expand health care access in Wisconsin.

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