MADISON – Earlier today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski released her latest policy plan which focuses on addressing the mental health crisis in Wisconsin and across America. Following this release, she traveled to Green Bay to meet with addiction and mental health care providers, advocates, and community leaders to discuss the mental health crisis in Wisconsin that has gone unaddressed for too long.

“No matter where I am or what I’m talking about, mental health comes up constantly for families and community leaders — it’s a shadow epidemic that makes people feel unheard and abandoned,” said Sarah Godlewski. “I released a plan to tackle this crisis because I want Wisconsinites suffering with mental health challenges to know that I hear you and I refuse to stand by and do nothing  — as Senator, I’ll continue to fight to expand quality, affordable mental health services for all.”

Sarah’s plan focuses on:

  • Expanding access to behavioral health services and providers

  • Confronting the youth mental health crisis

  • Supporting veterans’ access to mental health care

  • Tackling the farmers’ mental health crisis

  • Addressing the maternal mental health crisis

  • Providing resources for addiction recovery and holding Big Pharma accountable

  • Safeguarding our seniors’ mental health

Read the full plan here.

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