MADISON – Sarah Godlewski renewed her call for Congress to take immediate action to reinstate the expanded Child Tax Credit and deliver much-needed relief for Wisconsin’s working families.

Today marks the second month that working families won’t receive the expanded child tax credit payment after Washington politicians failed to extend this critical relief measure. The expanded child tax credit lifted 45,000 children out of poverty in Wisconsin alone, and now almost 4 million children across the country are at risk of slipping back into poverty.

Last month, Ron Johnson delivered a clear message to Wisconsin workers, kids, and families: you’re on your own. He made clear his opposition to this tax break for working families, even though he supported the 2017 Trump tax giveaway that gave billions to huge corporations and the super-rich.

“Working families’ pocketbooks are being stretched by soaring inflation and rising costs, and reinstating the expanded child tax credit payments can bring much-needed relief,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Like so many Wisconsinites, I’m fed up with Washington’s business-as-usual attitude – the gridlock and inaction aren’t helping anyone here at home. Unlike Ron Johnson, I won’t leave families out to dry – I’ll always put our workers and families first and fight to make this critical lifeline permanent.”

Last month, Sarah hosted a virtual roundtable with parents from across the state to talk about how the tax credit gave families room to breathe and how frustrated parents are that Congress let the payments expire. She also called on Congress to break up the Build Back Better plan and focus on quickly passing key pillars like the child tax credit to deliver for hardworking families.

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