Ashley Franz,

MADISON, Wis.— Today, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski launched Women Win Wisconsin PAC to mobilize pro-choice voters. This initiative will focus on two efforts: Women Against Ron (WAR) and Women Save the Veto. Women Win Wisconsin will work to convert the intensity and enthusiasm among pro-choice women into Democratic victories this November and beyond.

“Overturning Roe v. Wade reinstated Wisconsin’s cruel abortion ban from 1849 that provides no exceptions for rape or incest and could jail or fine doctors — a dangerous shift in abortion policy that has activated women in record numbers,” said Sarah Godlewski. “We are building on the power of pro-choice women to restore reproductive freedom.”

In 2022, the PAC is focused on defeating U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, saving Governor Tony Evers’ veto, and supporting pro-choice Democratic women running in competitive state legislative races.

Between now and Election Day, WAR will work to defeat Ron Johnson by putting his anti-woman record and agenda directly in front of Wisconsin voters. 

Women Save the Veto is backing pro-choice Democratic women running in six of the most competitive state legislative races in order to block a GOP supermajority, save the governor’s veto, and ensure we have more leaders fighting for reproductive freedom in Madison. Women Save the Veto is working to arm endorsed candidates with financial resources and strategic support to mobilize voters and win.

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