“Over a year ago, we launched this campaign to defeat Ron Johnson and return this Senate seat to the people of Wisconsin. I stepped up because, too often, Washington overlooks so many of the challenges working families face–from affordable childcare and senior care to paid family leave to prescription drug costs to reproductive freedom. I believed we needed more working moms at the U.S. Senate table who would fight like hell to make these issues a priority–I still do. But it’s clear that if we want to finally send Ron Johnson packing, we must all get behind Mandela Barnes and fight together. I’m proud of what our 72-county campaign has accomplished, and while I may not be on the ballot this November, every issue we fought to bring front and center will be. To so many of our supporters across Wisconsin who encouraged me to stay in this fight: I want you to know I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be on the campaign trail supporting Mandela, Tony, and all the Democrats on the ballot this November. Thank you, Wisconsin–it’s been the honor of a lifetime to run to be your U.S. Senator.”

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