• In Wisconsin, this is a real issue, because we have a complete abortion ban on the books. There is no exception, not for rape or incest. And so I have been seeing from this ad, a lot of great energy. People have been calling me and saying, “Sarah, I know you don’t think this issue is an afterthought. I’ve been frustrated with my own party, because they’ve had 50 years to codify. And they haven’t gotten it done. And I know you’ll prioritize it.”

  • Ron Johnson has called Roe a tragedy for this country. And we don’t need politicians making health care decisions for women.

  • When I travel the state, when I’m talking to Wisconsinites, they just want someone who’s going to focus on commonsense, kitchen table issues that matter most.

  • I was talking with someone who’s skipping their prescription drugs, not because they want to, but because they can’t afford it.

  • We have PFAS these forever chemicals that are poisoning our Great Lakes and our rivers and our drinking water.

  • Young moms who can’t afford child care. You know, 54% of Wisconsin’s in a childcare desert. This is what they want their lawmakers to focus on, not conspiracy theories, like Ron Johnson has been doing or, you know, spending July 4th in Russia. They want to see real things getting done in the U.S. Senate.

  • I know that [the overturning of Roe] is going to be a galvanizing issue that’s going to bring women to the polls because we do not want politicians, like Ron Johnson, making health care decisions for women and affecting our freedom.

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